Mastering React: A Comprehensive Compilation of Every React Interview Question You Need to Know

Vineet Mishra
1 min readJan 25, 2024


Q1. What is React? (Probability 100%)

Q2. What is Class and Functional Component?

Q3. What are hooks?

Q4. How React is different than other library/Framework of javascript

Q5. What is state?

Q.6 How to pass data child to parent vice versa?

Q7. What are lifecycle method?

Q.8 Different stages of lifecycle method?

Q9. State vs Props?

Q10. UseCallback vs useMemo?

Q11. what is memo?

Q12. Controlled and UnControlled component ?

Q13. What is High Order Component?

Q14. What is Suspense?

Q15. Different types of data passing method in react?

Q16. what is prop drilling and how to handle?

Q17. What is redux?

Q18. What is useContext ?

Q19. Redux vs useContext

Q20. How to make react app faster ?

Q21. what is lazy loading ?

Q22. what is virtual dom ?

Q23. How virtual dom work , what makes it faster than actual dom ?

Q24. What is single page application ?



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