Crafting Chronological Brilliance: Building a Timeline in Your Portfolio Using React.js

Vineet Mishra
Nov 5, 2023


An impactful developer’s portfolio is the lifeblood of their career. In a world where first impressions are formed in seconds, your portfolio should vividly depict your skills, contributions beyond your daily job, and diverse project experiences. It should not only showcase your current abilities but also hint at your future potential. A well-organized timeline within your portfolio should narrate your journey, painting a clear picture for recruiters to grasp the depth of your capabilities

First thing first: create a react project

Once you created that install the npm package:

Create file name “Timeline.js” and import these libraries:

Your Component should look like this:


Now define an array of objects which will have your content, icon, colour for the timeline:

Now will will use the above content in our timeline library component

The Result:



Vineet Mishra

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