Bare-Minimum requirement for cracking the frontend interview (Internship)

Vineet Mishra
Feb 10, 2022


Bare minimum (HTML) :

  1. HTML Semantic Elements
  2. Bind input field with a label
  3. Learn about commonly used tags: audio, video, script, head, body anchor, heading, span

Bare minimum (CSS)

  1. Pseudo-classes
  2. Ways of including CSS in HTML (Inline, external, using style tag)
  3. Types of selector
  4. Types of display
  5. Types of position
  6. CSS box model
  7. Padding vs Margin
  8. Flex and Flex-Box
  9. CSS grid

Bare minimum (Javascript):

  1. Promises
  2. Callbacks
  3. Closures
  4. Currying Functions
  5. ES7 or ES6 features
  6. Hoisting
  7. Object Destructing



Vineet Mishra

Full Stack Developer at CCR Tech, I write about Mobile/Web Development and Deployment, and Interview Q & A

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