90% of developers missed out on these factors in their technical interview

1. Discuss your approach
If the interview asked you a question then you should not directly jump to code it out, first discuss the approach and try to get his perspective on your approach it will make an interview into more like a conversation

2. Get Aligned with the topic asked:
It means that whenever you are answering something it should relate to what your interview asked, if he/she asked about binary numbers don’t explain or align with another topic like computer fundamental

3. Take a pause:
It is the most important and integral part of your interview that you should think first and then say if you directly jump in to answer it shows that you are immature and impatient

4. having 2 or 3 approaches
If you have two or 3 approaches to answer one problem it would be really crucial and it shows you have a deep understanding of the problem

5. Think of edge cases:
Most of us think that we just need to give a solution and that's it but it's not, you should think out loud that every solution might not work in all the scenarios



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Vineet Mishra

Vineet Mishra

Full Stack Developer at CCR Tech, I write about Mobile/Web Development and Deployment, and Interview Q & A